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27 March 2016Colorado Springs, Colorado38.841 N, 104.811 E, 6,001 FT ASL      


Thank you for visiting ours site, but more importantly, thank you for caring.  US Expeditions and Explorations (USX) was founded with one thing in mind - Empowering Veterans to Inspire others through Adventure and Exploration.  For hundreds of years service-members and Veterans have been at the forefront of exploration and adventure.  We aim to continue that tradition through the spirit on the modern American warrior.  Your viewing of this page is indicative of your interest in continuing or supporting our endeavor.  For that, we thank you.  

USX is in the midst of launching a historic expedition.  Its our first.  Its bold and audacious and its exactly the type of endeavor we’re aspiring to take into the future.  USX is sending a team of Soldiers - past and present - to Mount Everest.  Yes, we know, Mount Everest has been climbed thousands of times and in hundreds of different manners, but what we’re doing is different.  Never has there been a combat wounded American Soldier on top of the world’s highest peak.  And never has there been a team comprised entirely of American Soldiers to set their sites on the roof of the world.  We aim to change that.  More important than “being the first,” we aim to make a lasting difference in the lives of Veterans by raising money and awareness for Veterans Mental Health.  

The statistics are staggering and devastating.  Hundreds of Veterans take their own lives each month and thousands more struggle with their mental health everyday.  While climbing to the top of the world will not solve the problem we know that our efforts will bring attention to an issue that is long overdue in being permanently addressed. We will make a difference.  

Why do this?  Why involve Veterans with adventure and exploration?  Two reasons.  First, history. The military and the world’s Veterans have always been involved with adventure and exploration.  The earliest Everest expeditions involved WWI Veteran George Mallory, an Artillery officer in the British Army.  He led the first reconnaissance and two subsequent attempts at the summit.  His attempts led way to Everest’s first ascent in 1953 led by British Army Colonel, John Hunt, selected for his leadership skills in adverse environments and liking to challenging missions. Dating further back, and looking at our own country’s history, CPT Meriwether Lewis and LT William Clark set off on the Corps of Discovery mission to map and explore the American West.  Their accomplishments are renowned nationwide.  Even an American president, Teddy Roosevelt, sought out adventure and exploration.  After his days as commander of his famous regiment of Roughriders and his two presidencies and even after taking bullet to the chest while campaigning for his third term as president, he decided to set out on a perilous journey to map the final major tributary to the Amazon.  The military and its Veterans are natural selections choice for exploration and adventure.  

The second reason is not as obvious, but its still apparent - the “intangibles.”  Many people have skills and experience.  Many people have drive and ambition.  But very few have the dedication, the sense of duty and the selfless sacrifice to commitment to an endeavor larger than themselves.  Some people pursuit adventure for passion, others for fame and money.  A service-member, a Veteran, pursuits adventure for the sake of a greater cause, and does so willingly and without reservation.

The future is bright.  Our mission is bold.  And Everest is high.  But why waist time with goals that are not bright, bold and high?  USX will not.  So please, follow us, climb with us, support us and take part in something special. 
 Empower Veterans.  Inspire Others.  


- USX Leadership

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